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its so hard to be positive when you’re bleeding from your vagina

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"My pillow isn’t as comfortable as your chest."

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late night breakdowns are my speciality

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older relative: so, do you have a boyfriend yet?

me: *vanishes mysteriously into the light of the morning sun, humming an ancient song only the most fragrant flowers can remember*

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"Writing isn’t the same as speaking, I struggle with conversation."

— Alex Turner (via wordsthat-speak)

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You’re in love with him, and he’s in love with you, and it’s like a goddamn tragedy, because you look at him and see the stars, and he looks at you and sees the sun. And you both think the other is just looking at the ground.

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"Do you know how, most days, it’s the little things that kill you?"

— Rachel McKibbens, from “The Bra” (via nxyc)

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